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5 Tips on How to Successfully Be Admitted to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Each year, universities, especially those a part of the UC system in California, are cracking down on the number of students admitted, due to both budget cuts, and well, budget cuts. How do you know if you make the grade for the standards of UCSD, a public UC campus featuring six different colleges within the university itself in the heart of La Jolla, CA? Let’s find out.


You better be a well rounded cultural citizen, especially if you plan on being a part of UCSD’s Eleanor Roosevelt College. This particular college within the college focuses primarily on humanities, globalisation, language, and a general understanding of yourself within the context of the globe. In your application essays, make sure you emphasise any travelling you have done, or how you have helped make the world a better place with your own two hands. They love that.

You better be prepared to endure a hefty amount of science and mathematics, as UCSD is famous for its research and science-based programs. An extensive class-records of physics, chemistry, biology, and/or calculus is encouraged.

You better have either a high GPA or high SAT scores, since both of those are important factors in their decision. I got in with a high GPA, but low SAT scores; make sure you balance yourself out. Get a tutor if need be. The SAT seems useless while you’re enduring through it, but it’s worth making an effort. Of course, there are exceptions, but not many.

You better have a lot of community service experience and extracurricular activities, and if not, your test scores and GPA, as mentioned before, should be able to carry the weight of these missing puzzle pieces. This ties closely to the “well rounded cultural citizen” part.

You better have an open mind, as UCSD is a safe-haven for “difference” and original thought. Though art is not as adorned mainly as the sciences are on campus, it is still a significant part of life throughout the community. This should be reflected in your application essays.

Follow these quick tips, and you’ll surely be much better off getting into this excellent school! Good luck!


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