5 Ways to Save Money at Baylor University 1

5 Ways to Save Money at Baylor University

If you go to Baylor University, you know that the place is not the cheapest in the world. But with a little time and knowledge, you can make your time here just a little more affordable and less strenuous on the wallet. So here five ways that will save you big bucks over your four years here at Baylor.

Use Bubooks.com

Bubooks.com was started by Baylor and Stanford graduates to provide an alternative to the overpriced bookstores on the Baylor campus and as a professor rating site to accompany it. You will save tons of money because you can A) Buy books a lot cheaper than from the bookstore and B) Sell them to other students for roughly the same price as you bought them, bypassing the meagre 20% the bookstore’s offer (if you even get that).

Work at a dining hall (or some other food service establishment)

By working at one of the dining halls, you can save a tremendous amount of money while earning a salary and gaining work experience. Most places will let you eat for free on your break thereby saving at least $5 per meal, which adds up over the entire and that’s on top of your salary!

Refer friends to online “get paid to…” sites

Most college-age kids are tech-savvy, but even in this technological age, most are not aware of the many ways to make money online. By referring friends to sites (that we all know so will not be mentioned), you will help them out and earn a bucket load of money from referrals, which are crucial if you want more than a pocket change from those paid to try sites.

Picking pecans from pecan trees

Baylor University is littered with gigantic pecan trees which leave tons of those nuts laying around. What most people don’t realise is that many places around town will receive a decent amount of money, usually around a couple of dollars per pound for something that takes a few minutes to gather since there are so many pecans falling off trees this year around.

Sell blood at the Waco blood bank

Ok, so this one is beneath most students at a ritzy college like Baylor University, but you can sell plasma at the Waco blood bank once a week for around $40. Something they have flyers that will offer $5 per friend you bring with you. Over the year that is a nice chunk of change which will offset the many nights, you will have at Cricket’s, Scruffy Murphy’s, etc… considering you probably do nothing on Saturday except sulk on the couch in your underwear wondering if this is indeed the time of your life.

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