Advice for Graduating High School Students : Community colleges

Advice for Graduating High School Students : Community colleges

Some students will soon be finishing high school and are planning on going to college. However, some do not have the grades or the money to go to a university but would like to attend one. These students or their family may be very discouraged and wonder what they can do about this situation. There are solutions to this problem.
Students who do not have the grades or the money should enroll in a community college first. Community colleges are two-year colleges rather than four-year colleges or universities. It is essential to know the advantages of enrolling in a community college if you do not have the grades or the money to attend a university.


First of all, tuition at a community college is about a tenth of the $25,000 charged by the average university according to a survey by College Board.

Another advantage of going to a community college is that if a high school graduate did not get the grades to go to a prestigious university, this student has an excellent opportunity to make up for it at the two-year college. Some students finished a community college and received better grades than when he/she was in high school.

Before a student plans to enroll in a community college, there are a few essential things to think about, so that valuable time is not wasted at the school.

The first thing to consider is to make sure that the student is taking the right courses. Some courses are not transferable.

It is also essential to know what the student is planning to major in before entering the university. Once this individual knows what the major will be, this student should immediately go to a counselor at the community college and find out what are the basic requirements in that field so that there won’t be any time wasted. This individual should also find out which courses are transferable. It can be a terrible disappointment to students after having spent so much time taking the wrong classes, to find out that there will be no credit given. It has been known that some students, who have taken the crazy courses, give up on the idea of going on to higher education and also drop out of the community college that they were enrolled in.

Specific basic courses are required, no matter what the student’s major is going to be. For example, English, math, and history classes are required and are transferable. They are necessary for a two-year college as well as a four-year school.

There are two main reasons why a student would like to attend a community college. One is because he/she would like to learn a trade. Community colleges offer several courses that can lead to a business. Office training, photography, and real estate are just a few examples. The other reason for going to a community college is to be able to go onto a four-year college and receive a degree in the field that the student is interested in following.

Finding out what is needed to enter a university may take some time, but it is well worth the time. It is also wise if a student plans to go to a university, and has in mind which one, to talk to its admissions office staff members, and find out which community colleges most impress them. Individuals can check websites for the universities of interest and either write to a staff member or make a phone call.

It is essential to prepare in advance so that there will not be any disappointments.


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