Review of Indiana University - Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana 1

Review of Indiana University – Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana

A review of Indiana University -Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana might surprise you if you are used to thinking of Indiana as a rural state with a relatively small population. You might think that such a rule would offer public education at small regional colleges. But Indiana University-Bloomington, Bloomington Indiana home of the “Hoosiers” is anything but a small scale college. With an undergraduate body of more than 29, 000 students and another 7,000 students here for graduate studies, Indiana University-Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana is as big as a rather large town and offers just as much.

Not Just Your Cookie Cutter College. Throughout the United States there are state university systems that begin with a single flagship college or university and then, mostly starting in the 1960s or ’70s began adding satellite schools to the system. The result often was that one school continued to be well valued while the rest, even though they were a part of the same state system somehow never quite achieved the equal stature. Instead, many became what one might call “cookie-cutter ” schools, set up with high similarity and often lacking in personality or uniqueness.

Indiana University, Bloomington is a public university operated under the direction of the State of Indiana, but this is not add on school. Indiana University -Bloomington was founded in 1820 and has had plenty of time to build its character and develop along its own slowly chosen paths. Today it remains a state university but one with excellent academic credentials and national rankings in both undergraduate and graduate departments.

Academics at Indiana University – Bloomington.

With an undergraduate population nudging 30,000 students, providing quality across the board is a serious undertaking but one with which Indiana University – Bloomington has had considerable success. The University, for example, has made an effort to keep classes sizes reasonably small. Yes on a campus this large you may run into the occasional large lecture class taught by a graduate student and numbering more than 100 students, but that is the exception rather than the rule. School statistics indicate that more than 40% of students classes have 20 or fewer students in the class, quite an accomplishment for this mega institution.

The quality of academic life is routinely evaluated, and Indiana University – Bloomington weighs in with consistently high grades, especially at the Kelley Business School. One out of 5 students who come to Indiana University – Bloomington is enrolled in this undergraduate school, and the quality of their education is top-notch and nationally ranked. Also, well known is the Jacobs School of Music that annually offers 1,000 performance opportunities for its students. Graduate schools often give evidence too of the quality of academic programs at any school. Indiana University -Bloomington Graduate School of Education, is ranked 17 overall in the nation with some of its applications like elementary school teaching received rankings in the single digits.

Indiana University-Bloomington is a public institution marked by the diversity of study opportunities and quality in program material.

Who You Will Meet

Attending a college with a student population the size of a large town may seem overwhelming so reviewing a school like Indiana University – Bloomington should include taking a solid look at the kinds of young people who find their way this school and the kinds of activities that they seem to enjoy. Matching that profile to your own can help you to rule Indiana University on or off of your shortlist of possible colleges.

First of all its good to keep in mind that the total number of undergrads is almost 30,000. One thing that tells you is that there is very likely to be a section of the student body with which you can easily relate. While Indiana University -Bloomington is a public institution, this does not rule out the genuine draw it has on some of the best and brightest students in the state and beyond. School statistics indicate that 25% of the students here graduated in the top ten percent of their high school class. This means that one out of every four people you run in to is an excellent student. It also may imply that you won’t be totally out of your league. Some students have been accepted here who fall out of that top tenth, lots of them. How you do here will depend more on what you do here than on what you did or didn’t do in high school.

The student body statistics also reveal that Indiana University – Bloomington has a larger male than the female population, something for both genders to consider when reviewing Indiana University -Bloomington. For a large state institution, the university is home to nearly 14% of minority students even in this centrally located part of the nation. Again the sheer size of the student body would seem to offer many chances for you to discover students with whom you can find a comfort zone.

What Will You Do The supersize of Indiana University

Bloomington also should lead you to believe that there are lots of things happening on this campus. You will note that the university offers clubs, groups, and organizations in some of the typical areas of student interest like music, dance, drama, and student government. But Indiana University Bloomington is also a school that connects with the community through a variety of service options. Young people here get involved in things like College Mentors for Kids and Alpha Phi Omega, the national service fraternity.

And of course, athletics continue to be a central feature on this campus. The school offers intercollegiate athletics in 24 varsity sports and involves 600 undergraduate students. Indiana University -Bloomington is a member of the Big Ten athletic conference which means that even in years when Indiana might not be a national leader in a sport it is likely that students will see other big performance athletes from one of the other Big Ten schools. Seasonally the school comes alive to the rhythm of football, basketball and baseball played “Hoosier” style. If you like sports, this is an excellent location to enjoy them on or off the playing surface.

What You Won’t Do

In 2005, Newsweek magazine selected Indiana University Bloomington “the hottest big state school in the nation.” It has become a real college destination, not a small-town state school. At the same time, the bottom line here remains the story of what you won’t do if you come here and that pays a lot of money. Indiana University Bloomington offers its services for in-state tuition of $7,000 and its out of state tuition at $19,000.

Its good to come to a school where you like what you will be doing and what you won’t be doing.

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