Save Money on College Textbooks

Save Money on College Textbooks

With college tuitions increasing every year, it seems many students are sent over the edge when faced with paying several hundred dollars for textbooks at the beginning of the semester. There are ways to avoid overspending on brand-new books each time.
There will be times that a professor will choose to use a book that is brand new. In these cases, it is impossible to avoid buying the exact book needed brand new, all the more reason to purchase as many books as possible used.


Several times throughout the year, Milner Library has book sales. There are many small book sales held on the first Monday of each month that school is in session. There is one sizeable annual book sale held the same weekend as Family Weekend during the fall semester. Although required textbooks will be scarce, look for books needed in English, literature, theatre and languages classes.

Shop at the Alamo. The Alamo has supplies, new books, and plenty of used books that are required texts for most classes. Get there soon though, because the used books are usually the first to go.

Don’t forget the power of online shopping. Give yourself plenty of time for shipping, but often any textbook can be found online for sometimes meager prices. Many times prices will range depending on the condition of the book. Some favorite websites to find used books are,,, and

Post fliers are looking for the textbook used. Post notices with the name of the text required, your first name, and phone number. There are bulletin boards in every building on campus and every dorm. Post the flier so the right students will see it. If it is a text required for a theatre class, post the Fliers in Centennial East and West buildings where all of the theatre classes happen. This will significantly enhance the chances that someone will see it that was also required to take that class in the past. Post fliers for basic and beginner-level books near the lecture halls in the Center for the Visual Arts where the widest variety of students will see.

Look at the used book stores in town. The best chances to find required texts at these stores are for classics, play scripts, and fiction literature. One in a while, a textbook can even be found. Try Babbitt’s Books in Normal. Also, have a look at About Books and Outpost Books both downtown Bloomington.


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