Why I Transferred From a Pricey Private University to an Inexpensive Public School 1

Why I Transferred From a Pricey Private University to an Inexpensive Public School

When I was graduating from High School, I had to make a choice that hopefully everyone reading this will make or has made. That decision was where to go to college. I thought I made the best decision of my life going to a small private university that had a great name among people hiring in that region. The problem was that the tuition alone was $30,000, and after room and board, costs were up to $40,000. Luckily I had a substantial grant of about $15,000, but sadly the rest of the money came through loans. Two years into my degree, I knew that things needed to change.


After my second year, I analyzed things. I was spending so much money at this school when I had friends back home only paying $1,000 a year after scholarships going to the in-state school back in Tennessee and honestly we’re getting the same education. So after looking into it, I decided to transfer back home into a large public school named Middle Tennessee State University.

I have now been at this school for a year, and I can honestly say that my experiences have been the same as the small private institute that promised me the best education I could get. No matter where you are the professors will most likely be the same. They will not care about you all that much. They leave it up to you to learn the material. The keys to doing well in college are reading and showing up to class. And no matter where you go you can get a high GPA do well on your tests and go where you want for your graduate degree.

So instead of walking out of your first degree with $50,000 plus walk out with $0-$, 15,000 owed. So you can focus your future money on Graduate school. Loans aren’t fun a lot of people end up with $100,000+ in loans after school. That puts you making payments for a considerable portion of your life. And just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you will have the type of money to pay that off with ease.

So when I look back at my financials down the road after finishing school and hopefully graduate school. I know the best financial decision that I have ever made was leaving that small school for the inexpensive route. Because Trust me I already have enough loans coming out of those two years there and I know Grad school will keep piling them up. So I recommend the inexpensive route because you never know what your financial future will bring.

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