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Nightlife at University of Maryland

For a lot of prospective college students, a large part of their experience at college will involve the nightlife at their specific college campus. I, for one, go to the University of Maryland and can rattle off story after story about night time adventures. The biggest question I get from …

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How to Get Free Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive. In fact, some of them might even be called a ripoff. I decided I wasn’t going to pay the ripoff prices offered by my university bookstore, so I went on a hunt for ways to get textbooks for free or near free. I don’t believe anyone should …

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Save Money on College Textbooks

With college tuitions increasing every year, it seems many students are sent over the edge when faced with paying several hundred dollars for textbooks at the beginning of the semester. There are ways to avoid overspending on brand-new books each time. There will be times that a professor will choose …

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Choosing the Best Education for Ohio Librarian Jobs

Do you have a passion for books and reading? Maybe you want a job that helps people expand their knowledge. Have you ever considered becoming a librarian? Would you love working in a quiet environment daily? Believe it or not, becoming a librarian is an exciting career move and is …

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5 Ways to Save Money at Baylor University

If you go to Baylor University, you know that the place is not the cheapest in the world. But with a little time and knowledge, you can make your time here just a little more affordable and less strenuous on the wallet. So here five ways that will save you …

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Universities Producing Surplus of PhD Grads

It takes a lot of time and money to produce a Ph.D. – unfortunately, the payoff isn’t what it once was. According to an article in Nature, the number of students with advanced degrees has skyrocketed, and universities around the world continue to recruit heavily for their Ph.D. programs, particularly …

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