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EMT NOTES – Monitoring Devices, Reassessment, Putting it all Together

Monitoring Devices

  • used to keep track of vitals so that EMT can do other things
  • never to be used as initial assessment of vitals (should use manual techniques first)
  • double check device readings with palpation/manual techniques

  • Pulse oximeter
    • uses light to read hemoglobin saturation and pulse rate in capillary bed
  • Blood Pressure machine
    • may have reduced accuracy in moving vehicle



  • Things to reassess:
    • Primary assessment (ABC’s)
    • Chief complaint-progression, alleviation, note any differences. ¬†Especially important in angina who are given nitroglycerin, altered mental status, shortness of breath.
    • Vital signs-pulse, breathing, BP, resp. rate
    • Interventions- oxygen administration, bleeding control, splints, airway management
  • Critical/unstable patient-every 5 minutes
  • Stable patient-every 15 minutes
  • should be at least 2 reassessments en route to hospital to observe trends

Putting it all together

  • Rapid Scan given to any patient that is unresponsive or has significant trauma