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Medical, Legal, Ethical Issues (Chapter 3)

  • Must get consent before giving treatment!
    • adults can withdraw consent from treatment at any time

  • "a thoughtful word or hand on the shoulder can be powerful medicine."

  • AFTRA Act (NJ)
    • police can't leave people with altered mental status by themselves¬†

  • What is considered an "adult"?
    • ability to live independently
    • income
    • has own insurance

  • Assault
    • "unlawfully placing a person in fear of immediate bodily harm"
    • assaulting an EMT can result in a 5 year jail sentence
  • ¬†Battery
    • "unlawful touching"
    • includes providing care without consent

  • EMT's should bring a calm and caring approach to the emergency situation
    • "never let them see you sweat"

  • Advanced directive/health care directive
    • "living will"
    • protocol for when patient is unable to make decisions
    • made by patient ahead of time