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Pharmacology (Chapter 7)


  • Histamine
    • decreases blood pressure
    • relaxes small blood vessels
    • may cause wheezing from bronchial spasms and edema of airway tissues
    • in excess in people suffering from asthma from allergies, which is why they take "anti-histamines."

MDI = Metered Dose Inhaler = Nebulizer



  • used to alleviate angina (chest pain)
  • vasodilator-decreases blood pressure
  • not carried on ambulance–only given if patient has it prescribed

  • Administration
    • sublingual as a tablet or spray
    • have patient sit/lie down and take their blood pressure before administering
    • systolic BP should be above 100 to administer

  • Max dose
    • 3 tablets per "episode" per 15 minute time period
    • patient must be pain free for 15 min to be considered a "new episode"



  1. chest pain
  2. systolic BP >100 

  • Administering Medications–"PDDRTD"
    • Patient
    • Drug
    • Dose
    • Route
    • Time
    • Documentation

  • activated charcoal
    • used to treat overdoses of medications taken orally
    • binds to medications to prevent them from being absorbed
    • not commonly used in NJ